Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Whose Plants are They?

Wow, what a year! It was May 2017 that the decision was made - Ken and I would be stepping into the senior pastor role at our church. For 18+ years we had been involved in ministry with university students, sharing about the impact a relationship with Jesus can have in your day to day life, taking Biblical principles and helping students apply them to their relationships, concerns, dreams, and ideas about the world.

Throughout the years our time on campus hasn't correlated much with the church we have loved and served simultaneously. The students have come and gone; to other churches and other nations. I remember a dream I had once where I was looking at boxes of vegetables from my garden. People were coming and taking the vegies and I said to God "I thought they were mine". When I woke up, God made it clear to me that the time, emotions, and resources I'd invested in those people was bearing fruit all over my city and other nations. They were never mine to own. That was enough for me to know.

I have carried that perspective with me ever since. I refuse to convince people they need to go to my church or serve my ministry. I will continue to love and serve students, pouring out the life and testimony of encounters with Jesus and His Word wherever I am.

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